Kirsten Locke

Kirsten started practicing yoga 13 years ago for cross training as a competitive athlete. She quickly found the yoga practice provided clarity and strength in the mind and body. Kirsten is currently an Experienced- Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (E-RYT 200), YACEP, Yoga for Golfers Level 2 Instructor and a Tier 1 Certificate Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. She practices and studies Lightyear Leadership as an enhancement to her daily yoga and meditation practices.

In Kirsten's classes, workshops and coaching, know that she leads with a vivacious spirit and brings a courageous heart along. She believes in creating a constant balance of strength and softness to the body and mind that in turn connects you to your deepest soul self.

Kirsten is experienced in working with beginners to advanced students, athletic and rehab yoga cycle training programs, power vinyasa, restorative, yin yoga, leadership and meditation practices.



Colleen Gavan

Colleen began teaching yoga in 2001 because of her love of movement and found a love of stillness along the way. Discovering the healing power of her mind-body and connecting with her spirit has been an ongoing and profound experience. The tools of yoga have enabled her to find joy, helped her to heal her adrenal exhaustion and to find ease in every day life.

Specializing in yoga therapeutics, yoga for seniors, teens and Hatha/vinyasa yoga, Colleen is dedicated to creating a nurturing and playful environment for others to truly inhabit, heal and feel good in their bodies.

Currently pursuing an 800 hour Yoga Therapy program through the Niroga Institute, Colleen’s past teachers and trainings include a 200 hour training with Dana Rae Paré as well as many other trainings including the Franklin Method with Christa Rypins, Yoga for Cancer with Tari Printer, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Kundalini for children, Yoga for Teens with Christy Brock, and Forrest yoga. She has a Masters in Education—environmental studies and is a credentialed California science teacher.



Winter Mason

Winter is a passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. She began her journey in the jungle of Costa Rica where she experienced the magic of connecting body, mind, and spirit through movement and breath.

Winter is a 400hour Yoga Alliance Certified teacher; she trained in Goa, India where she received a certification in Ashtanga Yoga and in northern California studying Transformative Vinyasa Flow yoga.

Winter loves an energetic, spirited practice with lasting feelings of rejuvenation and clarity. She strives to weave ancient teachings and spirituality, yogic philosophy and consciousness into her classes to bring the healing she experiences from her practice, to her students.



Alex Mannos

Grounded in the principle that “energy moves regardless of us,” Alex Mannos is dedicated to using yoga for the mindful movement of energy, creating a pathway for clearing away the stagnant and replacing it with dynamic energy for healing in the body and in the mind.

Alex is a teacher who values interaction with her students. Highly empathetic, she is in tune with their needs and brings a philosophy of trust, support and mindfulness to her practice; she is a guide who actively works to help people feel safe in a communal space. Passionate about the healing benefits that come through touch and bodywork, Alex offers a generous amount of hands on assists in her classes. She believes that it is a beautiful way to connect with the students. She also shares this love through AcroYoga, both as a teacher and a practitioner.

Through reflection of her own life experiences, Alex has discovered the truth found in the simplicity of breathing deeper to create a space for healing. She believes that when we heal, we evolve. This philosophy is at the foundation of her practice and serves as a guide to her work. Alex maintains that we are on earth to connect with others; she is here to share with others and create opportunities for these connections through her yoga practice.

A practitioner of Yoga for the past 7 years, Alex began teaching Forrest Yoga in June of 2014, immediately following her 200 hour Foundation Teacher Training with the creatrix, Ana Forrest. She also completed Sarahpuetics 5 Element Thai Massage Training, earning 100 hours of Thai Massage & Chinese Medicine training with Sarah Vosen & Sarah Yovovich.

In previous years, Alex has worked with non-profit organizations, including Yoga Across America & the Dr. Mehmet Oz HealthCorps, teaching and performing. She also assisted CodyApp and Daniel Scott Yoga with the first ever comprehensive package of online AcroYoga classes.

“Finding my yoga practice connected me to a place within me that I never realized I was disconnected from. It created the foundation for me to become my own healer, allowing me to work through emotional and physical trauma. I would love to share this gift with you and help you to discover how to live life fully!"





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