In this revealing video training, you will...

  • Escape the dogma you learned about the “right” way to breathe, and discover a whole new approach 
  • Eliminate back pain (neck and hip pain too!) by correcting your understanding of the diaphragm’s location and movement
  • Skyrocket your athletic performance as you learn to stop tension in its tracks 
  • Learn the #1 secret to stop the mind from running so meditation becomes effortless - even fun!
  • Wake up to your own divinity by experiencing how the body actually breathes


Christa Rypins
Yoga Magician
Watch your Pain Disappear

My passion is helping people feel great. I have the secrets of the universe in the body and I love sharing them. This is the most intimate yet universal experience I know.

I have been on a mission to understand how the body works for over two decades. As a professional athlete for 25 years, a coach, a highly-skilled yoga and pilates instructor, and a Franklin Method Educator, I bring a lot to the table.

Because of my study of how the body moves, I understand the underlying causes of pain.  Addressing the ACTUAL underlying cause is what creates the magic.

Most pain comes from using the body in a way it’s not designed to work.  Because of my knowledge of the body, I can help people make a different choice, and with that change 99% of the pain disappears. Almost instantly.

This is why I am so excited to offer you my free video workshop. I’ll guide you through an experiential understanding of how the body breathes.

Dates: TBA

However, I highly recommend you join me live! You’ll have the opportunity to receive my valuable personal feedback.
“Thank you Christa for all the wonderful things you have taught us. The benefits are tremendous. When meditating, it is very relaxing and feels pleasant to go with the flow of the breath. I breathe deeper, I feel more grounded and seem to have more energy. I feel more awake and aware. I'm less distracted while I’m meditating. This breathing feels like it anchors me to the present moment. I love it. Also, if I wake up in the night and can't go back to sleep, I visualize the breath in this way. The result is I either stay awake happy or drop back off to sleep.” ~ Phil D’Anna, Sister of Notre Dame de Namur and a Zen student for 31 years


I can’t wait to be with you in my first online video workshop!

Wishing you peace and health,
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