Vanish Persistent Pain


Intelligent Body Movement Studio is currently offering all classes online.

FREE CLASS: Anxiety Down ⬇ Wellbeing Up ⬆

Franklin Method Embodiment to REDUCE anxiety and INCREASE wellbeing
30 Minute FREE class Saturdays

Upcoming classes:
  • Saturday 11AM Pacific Time

View the anxiety reducing Diaphragm classes here: LINK TO VIDEOS

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All FREE classes use Zoom: ZOOM LINK

  • Meeting ID: 252 674 0545
  • Password: 0545

Yoga for a Better Back with Christa
Tuesdays 9-10:15am Pacific on Zoom

10:15-10:30 Optional Embodied Meditation Relieve the symptoms and heal the patterns behind the pain: Yoga for a Better Back!

Register: Good Karma Studios

Beginning Tuesday March 31, 9-10:15AM PDT:
Body Magic: Work In-Work Out; Franklin Method meets Yoga, Exercise & Meditation with Christa Rypins

Class schedule: Saturday 9-10:15 PDT
All classes are held online through Good Karma Studios.

Register at: Good Karma Studios
(this class is fee based, but if you cannot pay, please contact me and we can make arrangements)


Yoga Anatomy Magic Workshops
Franklin Method

Yoga Anatomy Magic Workshops with Christa Rypins

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