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by christa rypins


Discover the solution to
chronic pain
hidden inside yourself

You’ve already tried everything else to treat your chronic pain. Now join movement specialist CHRISTA RYPINS for healing and change in the one place where it all happens—your INTELLIGENT BODY. Combining the genius of Pilates, the wisdom of yoga—and the latest advances in how you think, learn, adapt and heal—Christa’s custom approach harnesses the sensing power of the mind to reawaken you to your body’s ideal mechanics. From there, you naturally move with greater ease, calm pervasive anxiety, and relieve chronic pain. True story.

Holistic multi-disciplinary pain solutions that:

  • Vanish chronic pain
  • Reduce tension
  • Increase range of motion
  • Stabilize and build core muscles
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Improve balance, coordination and performance
  • Allow you to move beyond current limitations

Most chronic pain is caused by misalignment and stress that wear down the body over time. But when you tune into the flow of your anatomy, your body gets back into the zone—and you benefit from the innate perks of your ingenious natural design.

Join alignment sherpa CHRISTA RYPINS for weekly exercise and restorative classes that flex, stretch, tone, build and relax—in your ideal alignment.

Or, invest in a custom program—crafted to your exact specifications—so you can resolve pain at its source, move with ease, and work out without re-injuring yourself.

Every custom class combines elements of yoga, Pilates, cardio, embodiment and weight-training—so you benefit from multiple modalities in every session. And, as your awareness and vocabulary grow, you’ll unlock more of the hidden vitality that’s been there all along.

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Pain Solutions

Christa’s custom programs feature personalized workouts, coaching sessions and made-to-measure videos to relieve pain, increase flexibility and build core strength.

With empowering, easy-to-master techniques, you’ll:

  • See and feel results—fast
  • Lay the foundation for pain-free movement
  • Get stronger by letting go of tension
  • Get the support you need to make critical lifestyle changes
  • Enjoy an evolving exercise, stretching and relaxation regimen that leads you home to your body

Weekly Classes






CHRISTA can actually ‘see’ the cause of physical pain—in real time—by simply observing how you move. And—from performance athletes and yoga teachers, to seniors and even post-op rehab—this movement sherpa makes embodiment and alignment accessible to all.

Born of a combination of injury and determination—and infused with wisdom and love—CHRISTA combines the essential components of multiple healing and movement systems to create custom solutions that deliver results—fast. It’s a powerful hybrid approach that increases energy and empowerment—no matter your age or fitness level.


After a major health crisis—and the physical fallout of a successful 15-year career as a professional figure skater, juggler and rhythmic gymnast—CHRISTA RYPINS set out to understand how the body works and heals.
Determined to overcome her extensive injuries, chronic pain and the ravages of thyroid cancer treatment, she first did a deep dive into meditation and yoga. And then Pilates, weight training, embodiment, and more. “Blind allegiance to the rules can cause pain and injury. And the gaps in the material just kept me searching for answers.”
Along the way, CHRISTA acquired a singular skillset and an encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy. And not only resolved her own health issues and chronic pain, but pioneered a custom approach to help others do the same.

Now 30 years later, INTELLIGENT BODY with CHRISTA RYPINS is helping people around the world find the solution to chronic pain—hidden inside themselves.

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